Indlovu ayisindwa ngumboko wayo – You can handle anything thrown at you | Stangen

This isiZulu proverb translates as follows, ‘the elephant’s trunk does not weigh it down’. The meaning of this proverb is that whatever problems or troubles you face, they will not defeat you. It focuses on the strength of human kind, and the strong will to conquer every obstacle and succeed in life. It reassures that you can handle anything thrown at you.

Prof Elmarie Costandius stated, ‘your problems are never too big for you to handle, so if you start something you must finish it’. This is to not only give comfort and reassurance that you can do it, it also serves as a reminder that whatever you’re going through, it will pass, just keep going forward.

What problems have you gotten through? We’d love to hear how you got through them.

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