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Tired of insurance companies talking at you rather than to you? Welcome to the Wise About Life blog powered by Stangen. What can you expect if you sign up? We promise to keep the content on this site relevant and useful. Every time we knock out another great piece of “stay financially wise” content, we will send you a notification via email. Feel free to leave a comment and drop us a line if you need any assistance.

Free Yourself From Credit Card Debt In Less Than 365 Days

Scratch around for your wallet. Got it? Now open it up and all pull out all your credit cards. So, how do you measure up when it comes to credit card debt?  Try answering the following questions without looking at your credit card statement: How much do you owe on...

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Could Having Too Much Money Create Problems For Your Kids?

Nandipha certainly thinks so. She’s a single parent, has a great job at one of the banks, and owns a property or two. Besides having a life most of us dream of, Nandipha also has her fair share of problems. Here, in no particular order, are her concerns: She’s young...

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How To Avoid Singing The “January Financial Blues”

Put up your hand if it’s been a long year and you are really looking forward to some time off this December? If you are lucky enough to be taking some leave, the chance to substitute work shoes for a pair of flip-flops, while reaching into the cooler for an ice cold...

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Are They Forcing You To Take Early Retirement?

It's been a pretty rough week for Samuel! On Monday morning he was called into the boss’s office. Strange, Samuel thought to himself, he never calls me in, ever! Samuel didn’t know it yet but life was about to throw him a curve ball. He was about to be put out to...

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Find Out What Type Of Black Friday Shopper You Really Are

There are three types of Black Friday shoppers: Those with a plan Those without a plan, and Those who plan to stay away from the shops altogether Let’s start with John, whom we’re sad to say, is one of those without a plan... Here’s what Black Friday looks when you’re...

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At Stangen we are committed to providing responsible insurance for responsible people.

The Stangen team is committed to meeting the true modern life protection needs of our customers through our responsible insurance products and our thoughtful and attentive service. Your family are the people you care about. That’s why you take responsibility for them. Our team share that responsibility with you by giving you the tools you need to protect them.

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