Young couples talk: moving in together

When is it the right time to move in with your partner? You might think that just because you’re in love, it is the right thing to do. However, living together can make or break a relationship. Moving in together is a huge step that requires both parties to think long and hard. Not only will you be living with this person, but you will both be sharing each other’s spaces. 

It is important not to get caught up in the excitement of the idea of moving in together. Instead, you should take the time to look at the bigger picture. A few young couples shared their thoughts on moving in together – Here’s what they had to say.

Budget for your expenses

“Moving in together as a couple means having the money conversation. Luckily for me, my boyfriend is an accountant, so he really handles our budget very well. Ever since we started living together, I have managed to save a lot of money. Before I lived with him, I used to spend my money on useless things. I would recommend setting a monthly budget that takes into account your combined earnings and expenses. It really does save you in the long run.” Safiya 26

Have your own personal space 

“As difficult as it may sound, considering that I come home to this person every day, sometimes I want my alone time as this is really important to me. I enjoy indulging in my personal space once in a while, and I am glad my partner understands. I usually spend my time reading a book or listen to my music collection in peace. As a young couple, I think it is essential to find hobbies or things you can do by yourself, take some time off and enjoy it.” Aneesa 24

Communication is key 

“Sounds very cliché, but one of the most important things I have learned in my three years of living with my partner. I always want to know what my girlfriend is thinking, whether she agrees or disagrees. Communicating has helped us grow closer and has helped us deal with a lot of personal feelings we couldn’t express before our relationship. Whenever I have a problem, I don’t just sulk and hope that she figures it out. I sit her down and express my feelings to solve the situation. My advice to people who are planning on moving in together is to always speak up, no matter how difficult it may seem. If you are planning to grow with someone, you need to learn to understand them.” Teboho, 30

Share the household chores 

“I am very neat person, so when we first started living together, it was a struggle for me to adjust, especially because my partner is not the neatest person on earth. I would get frustrated because our place would always be messy. Until I figured a way that worked for both of us. I drew up a cleaning schedule to share the house duties, which actually ended up working out. My partner and I have been living together for the past two years, and have managed to make it work.” Karabo, 24 

Relationships are hard work, so if you and your partner are thinking of taking the step of moving in together, do it wisely. Think about it first and understand that you will have to compromise certain things to make it work – and also what those compromises will entail. Are you currently living with your partner, and what have you learned from that experience? We would like to know.


  • Cannot believe we are advocating adulterous unions, as that is what shacking up together unmarried is. When will these corporate companies set an example of advocating chastity and common decency?

    • Hi Mr Poverello, thank you for your comment. Our aim is always to provide information that will enable people to make wise financial choices. We know that it is common for people to live together, and so we wanted to provide financial tips in relation to this.


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