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‘Kinda fresh’ is a fair description for early mornings this time of year, neighbourhood trees are sporting fashionable golden scarves, and hot chocolate sales around the country are gradually starting to pick up as the sun sets earlier and earlier every evening.

Yes, Autumn is in the air, and that means the Easter Holidays are around the corner.

Are you hitting the road this Easter? Time for a well-deserved break?

No holiday is complete without a thorough to-do list, right?

Your Easter Holiday insurance checklist might look something like this:

  • Add bicycles to the short-term insurance schedule.
  • Make sure the house alarm is in working order.
  • Add 18-year-old daughter as a nominated driver on my short-term insurance (fingers crossed this goes well).
  • Did someone check if the Venter trailer is insured?
  • Note the pet insurance policy number because Fido is joining in the family fun this year.
  • One of the kids is likely to destroy a cell phone so check the insured values of the iPhones on the short-term schedule.
  • How much medical savings do we have left on the medical aid in case there’s an emergency ER visit?
  • Are those strap-to-the-head-rest DVD things even worth covering? Add them anyway.

Anything missing on that checklist?

How about the person who made the holiday possible in the first place? Yes, that would be you.

It’s funny how we have a propensity to accumulate stuff (let’s not include the dog in this) and wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without having all our ‘stuff’ being insured, but when it comes to insuring our own lives we simply overlook or choose to ignore the risk.

So many of us drive off into the sunset without having any type of life, disability or income replacement cover in place.

Why is that?

Perhaps it’s because we think we’re immortal and have this false sense of security that ties back to the following notion – ‘It’s never going to happen to me’.

But bad things sometimes happen to good people.

In fact, 510 people thought it wasn’t going to happen to them last Easter!

The South African Transport Department have these figures published:

Over the Easter Holiday period in 2018:

  • There were a staggering 510 fatalities on our roads.
  • 6435 drivers were caught speeding.
  • 3208 people were caught with unlicensed vehicles.

None of the 510 people who lost their lives last Easter, on South African roads, had any idea it was going to be their last Easter.

Food for thought, isn’t it?

Shouldn’t these items be included in your Easter Holiday insurance check-list:

  • Make sure Salary Protection policy is in place.
  • Make sure I have enough life cover in place.
  • Make sure that my life cover policy is coupled with disability cover.
  • Check beneficiary nominations on policies.
  • Do I have a signed Will document?

We put so much value on the ‘stuff’ that we have in our lives, surely, it’s time we all thought about the implications of leaving our loved ones in financial distress if the ‘unthinkable’ becomes a reality.

You wouldn’t take a chance with your R500 000 car that the bank still owns. That’s why you have car insurance in place.

Would you take a chance with the R4 000 000 in future income you might lose out on if you couldn’t work because of a disability you suffered in a car accident?

Would you take a chance leaving your family without a breadwinner if you passed away in a car accident?

Need a life insurance quote? Leave your details in the Call Me Back form below.

From all of us at the Wise About Life Team, here’s wishing you and your family a very festive and safe Easter Holiday.

Until next time.

The Wise About Life team.

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