An Estimated 1,468 278 Crimes Were Committed Against SA Households In 2016/2017

We are all fiercely proud South Africans, who at a drop of a hat would happily arm ourselves with a plastic Vuvuzela and some zinc rainbow nation face paint. However, that statistic leaves a lot to be desired, doesn’t it? Sure, we are a young democracy, still going through some growing pains, but crime in South Africa is rife and we can’t side-step the fact that every day, good honest South Africans are the victims of seriously violent acts. We don’t have “crime radars”, so nobody knows when and where crime will strike. All we can really do is make sure that we protect ourselves as best we can, and that protection also includes making sure we have adequate insurance cover in place.

Why Stangen Crime Injury Cover?

We want to introduce responsible insurance products to responsible South Africans. Identifying the need for a crime injury insurance product was just one of the steps we’ve taken in making sure every South African has access to affordable insurance products, that cover a real need.

What Does Our Crime Injury Cover Policy Cover?

We have included the following benefits:

  • Death cover
  • Disability cover

The death benefit pays out if your death is a result of a murder or culpable homicide. Our disability benefit pays out if you are disabled during a violent crime, and it also covers injury from Assault as a broad category including:

  • Sexual crimes (rape and sexual assault)
  • Attempted murder
  • Assault with grievous bodily harm

Who Can Be Covered & How Much Does It Cost?

Cover can be extended to your immediate family (spouse & adult children) as well as extended family (maximum of 8 people) which includes your parents and parents-in-law.

We have 2 benefit options; R20,000 and R30,000 cover.

Benefit amount R20,000 R30,000
Main Member R52 R69
Main Member and spouse R71 R92
Extended members R52 R69

Other Policy Benefits?

Other policy benefits include:

  • No waiting periods before you can claim (provided we have collected at least one premium)
  • No medical examinations required to get covered

For as little as R52pm you can make sure that you are covered against violent crime.

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Until next time.
The Wise About Life team

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