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Can I Insure My Parents’ Lives And What Will It Cost Me?

Have you ever heard of the term “Sandwich Generation”? It has absolutely nothing to do with a loaf of Blue Ribbon bread, a jar of Black Cat extra smooth peanut butter, or a solid brick of Rama margarine. In fact, the “Sandwich Generation” is a generation of people,...

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Will My Spouse Pay Tax When My Life Policy Pays Out?

You don’t wake up every day thinking about life insurance, do you? In fact, months and even years can roll past without us even thinking about spending money on a policy. Then one day you find yourself seriously contemplating your mortality and the implications of...

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33 Money-Saving Tips For South African Couples

Technical recessions, rolling blackouts and retrenchments are probably not high on the list of words you would use on a first date, would you? But after the initial cuddles turn into a long-term commitment, South African couples who plan together are more likely to...

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How To Budget As A Couple

The word “couple” is defined in the dictionary as - two people, or things of the same sort, considered together. Now you might be in a relationship and consider yourself “together”, but are you on the same page about everything? Probably not. Money is often one of the...

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3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every 10 Years

Put up your hand if you find yourself doing a tiny bit of soul searching once in a while? Like it or not, our subconscious picks a few do-overs and do-betters and locks it in for us. That's cool because mid-year is a great time to make a few changes in your life. What...

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Are You Paying Too Many Debt Accounts Every Month?

Its a bit of a worry having to carry your debts into the new year, right? Have you ever thought of consolidating all your debt? If that's a new word to you, keep reading for more. Debt consolidation includes taking out a single new loan (at the lowest possible...

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The Stangen team is committed to meeting the true modern life protection needs of our customers through our responsible insurance products and our thoughtful and attentive service. Your family are the people you care about. That’s why you take responsibility for them. Our team share that responsibility with you by giving you the tools you need to protect them.